1 November 1998 — Major Auto was founded

Major Auto Company started as a car dealer for the Chrysler Corporation.

2001 — A transport department was opened

A new line of business, logistics, was started in Major Auto. Major Cargo Service Company was founded.

2003 — A new vehicle transport department was created

A department responsible for the transport of vehicles and spare parts for Major Auto dealer centers was created in Major Cargo Service.

2004 — Major holding was created and Major Auto Trans company was founded

Two spheres of logistic work within the company were distinguished — freight transportation and vehicle transportation. As a result of that, a new separate company was founded — Major Auto Trans.

The same year Major Auto Trans singed its first deals for vehicle transportation: with the representative of Nissan in Russia, Nissan Motor Rus, and with the representative of Volkswagen in Russia, Volkswagen Group Rus.

2006 — Major Auto Trans became an exclusive transporter of Mazda and Alfa Romeo cars

The same year, we signed a deal with Avtoframos for transporting Renault cars.

2007 — All vehicle transport related activities of Major Holding were consolidated in Major Auto Trans

The company provides a full package of vehicle transport services, including customs clearance, storage and warehouse servicing of motor cars.

According to a research by Russian Business Consulting information agency, in 2007 Major Auto Trans had a share of 10% in the international transport of new passenger cars in Russia.

2008 — Major-Chismena Vehicles Distribution Center was opened

In August 2008 one of the largest logistics centers in Europe was opened — Major-Chismena Vehicle Distribution Center. The center is located in the Volokolamskiy District of Moscow Region and provides a full range of services related to car storage, handling and presale preparation. The compound can accommodate 9300 vehicles.

2009 Major Auto Trans has become the transporter of FIAT, SsangYong, and ISUZU cars.

Since November 2009, Major Auto Trans has been transporting FIAT, SsangYong and ISUZU in the Russian Federation.
2010 - Major Auto Trans has bocome the transporter of Ford cars
2011- Major Auto Trans has become the transporter of Mercedes-Benz cars
2013- Major Vehicle Distribution Center was opened, allows to store 10 500 vehicles
2014- General Motors concern has become Major Auto Trans's customer