Major Auto Trans staff has participated in the development of new modernised semitrailer Rolfo Blizzard 3.2


In summer of 2011 at the Vehicles Distribution Center Major-Chismena was held theefirst ever set of trial loadings using the new semitrailer Rolfo Blizzard 3.1 for car transporters.Research to tests and fine-tune the new semitrailer has lasted for over 12 months.  Major Auto Trans staff took part in organising the loading tests, offered their ideas and feedback on the operation of Rolfo Blizzard 3. Tests resulted in discovering the most effective methods of application of the new technology, identified its shortcomings and proposed options for further development of the semitrailer. As a result: the world saw the new, improved model, which received the name Blizzard 3.2. Thesemitrailer manufacturer Rolfo highly appreciated the contribution of Major Auto Trans staff and as a special thanks for all the efforts and ideas provided Major Auto Trans with its semitrailer Rolfo Blizzard 3.2 Major Edition.

Major Auto Trans has become a member of the The Association of European Vehicle Logistics

Major Auto Trans was accepted into the The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG). ECG was founded in 1997 and brings together the leading logistics companies involved in distribution, transportation, storage and pre-sale servicing of vehicles. Currently the association unites about 100 leading logistics companies from 25 European countries, as well as Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.



Opening of the new Vehicles Distribution Centre – Major Togliatti


In March 2013 opened and began operating a new distribution centre of the company Major Auto Trans — Major Togliatti.The capacities of this Centre support a full range of services for storage and pre-sales servicing of cars.

 At first phase of construction, the Centre covers an area of ​​8 hectares and includes:

  • car storage compound for up to 4,000 parking spaces;
  • loading and unloading zone and vehicles inspection area for the simultaneous processing of 22 trucks;
  • parking area for 25 trucks (waiting area);
  • office building

The Centre operates a round-the-clock electronic security system, 24-hours video surveillance and illumination of the Centre, as well as an electronic access control system.



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