Results of the 4-Year Programme for Charity Support to Petrovsk Residential School

 It has now been 4 years since Major Auto Trans began charity support to the Petrovsk Residential School in Yaroslavl Oblast. Back in 2007, the nine buildings of the residential school looking after 45 children were practically ruined. Now, in 2011, we have received letters of gratitude from the school heads:

“During the time of our collaboration, thanks to your efforts and support, we have repaired the concert hall, part of the canteen, some of the rooms, purchased new school furniture for the classrooms, photo-cameras, and much more. Our kids became more used to normal living conditions, and they learned to appreciate and look after the new equipment. More time is now devoted to educational trips and other educational and entertainment events for children. We would like to thank all of those who gave their support to us, and the people who have organised this support 4 years ago.”


At the moment, the residential school is looking after 65 children. And last year, the Petrovsk residential school was awarded first prize in the regional contest of special correctional institutions.

Major Auto Trans Wins Renault-Nissan Alliance Tender

In March, Renault-Nissan Alliance completed their tender for providers of transportation, storage, and warehouse services for their vehicles. Major Auto Trans has been the transporter of Nissan and Renault cars since 2004 and 2006, respectively. In 2010, the Alliance management held a tender among Russian transporter companies as part of their programme for the development of a unified logistics system. At the end of the tender, Major Auto Trans received part of the volume of the transportation, in turn remaining one of the constant and principal partners of the Alliance companies. On 1 April 2011, the first transports were carried out and, from mid-April, the Major-Chismena Car Distribution Centre began to render services for the storage and servicing of the Alliance’s cars.


Major Auto Trans Becomes Partner of Volkswagen for Russia-wide Transportation

In January 2011, Volkswagen announced a tender for the transportation of cars throughout Russia. Major Auto Trans has been successfully collaborating with VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus in the sphere of international transportation since 2004 and, now after having won the tender, Major Auto Trans received part of the volume of Russia-wide transports, namely: from warehouses in the Moscow Oblast and Kaluga to Volga and Siberia regions.

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