Major Auto Trans Wins Mercedes-Benz Cars Transportation Tender

At the end of 2010, Daimler AG completed the tendering process for the transportation of their cars. As a result, Major Auto Trans received part of the volume of transports from Paldiski port, Estonia, which is the location of one of the key Auto Concern warehouses, to Moscow and Moscow Oblast. In March 2011, the first lot of cars was successfully transported – for these purposes, according to the tendering conditions, Major Auto Trans purchased 19 Mercedes car carriers.

March – Peak Month for Major Auto Trans

In March 2011, Major Auto Trans transported more than 20,000 cars, which is an absolute record in terms of the cars transported in a month over the past two years.

Major Auto Trans Once Again Receives the Volkswagen Award of Excellence for Special Transportation

23-24 March 2011, the international conference Logistics Leaders Russia took place in Moscow, supported by one of its traditional sponsors – Major Auto Trans. Each year the conference gathers the main players of the Russian logistics business in order to show the results of the year and discuss the development prospects and plans. On the first day of the conference Volkswagen held its annual Award of Excellence Ceremony for the best service providers. The winners were announced by the Head of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus Logistics Department, Elena Kostereva. She highlighted the continuous, reliable and efficient work of Major Auto Trans and presented the Award of Excellence in the Nomination “Special Transportation”. We are pleased to announce that Major Auto Trans received the Award for this nomination for the second year in a row. 


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