Major Auto Trans offers wide range of handling, storage and PDI services at our own Vehicle Distribution Centers located in Moscow region and Togliatti:


“Major-Chismena” Vehicles Distribution Center


Major-Chismena” Vehicles Distribution Center was opened in 2008.


Center occupies an area of 18 hectares and includes: 

 - vehicle storage zone for 9 300 cars;

- loading-unloading and vehicle inspection for 32 trucks

- office building;

- car wash;

- PDI service

- parking for 50 trucks (stand-by zone);

- canteen and recreation area for drivers.


VDC “Major-Chismena” provides good transport access:

-by M-9 “Baltiya” motorway

-by Volokolamskoe highway


In 2009 PDI facility was started which provides full range of services:

-long-stock maintenance of vehicles (batteries charging, tires inflation, ventilation blowing-off etc)

-PDI services

-mechanical repair of vehicles

-special actions (guarantee recall repairs, vehicles modification)

-paint-shop facility started in 2012


 “Major-Togliatti” Vehicles Distribution Center


“Major-Togliatti” Vehicle Distribution Center was opened in March 2013. It is located in Togliatti city, Samara region within 10 km from AvtoVAZ factory.


 Center occupies the territory of 21 hectares and includes:

·       - car storage compound for 10 200 cars

·       - loading area for 33 trucks

·      - vehicle inspection area

·       - parking zone for 40 trucks (stand−by zone).

·       - office building


 The maximum safety of vehicles in Major Auto Trans VDC’s is ensured by:

 -electronic access control system,

-24 hours electronic perimeter security system,

-24 hours CCTV with automatic recording,

-24 hours lighting by light masts,

-24 hours patrol of the territory by a canine team

Specially designed warehouse management system and high-tech wireless PDA terminals are used for data collection and processing.


You can look at images of Major-Chismena VDC in our photo gallery