Vehicle towing and transport within the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD):
1900 RUB
2100 RUB
2300 RUB
3500 RUB

Vehicle towing and transport outside the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD):
1 km (with a cargo) — 50 RUB.
Classification of transported vehicles:
I group
Classes A, B, C according to the European classification of vehicles (length up to 4400 mm, cylinder capacity up to 2300 cm3, engine power up to 169 h.p.)
II group
Classes D and E according to the European classification of vehicles (length up to 4800 mm, cylinder capacity between 1600 and 4300 cm3, engine power between 75 and 279 h.p.)
III group
Off-road vehicles, minivans, minibuses, light trucks, quadricycles, compact tractors, class F vehicles according to the European classification of vehicles (length over 4800 mm, cylinder capacity up to 6000 cm3, engine power up to 394 h.p.)
IV group
Armoured vehicles, loaders, tractors
V group
Exclusive, rare, sports cars and cars with low clearance body kits

Additional charges applicable in non-standard cases:
Loading of a car with blocked wheels — 300 RUB (1 wheel), 250 RUB per wheel (2 and more).
The charge for excessive waiting time (waiting for the vehicle for over 30 minutes after the tow truck has arrived) — 500 RUB per 1 hour.
Reloading of a vehicle into a container and onto a ramp — the price for towing within the MKAD.
False call — 700 RUB.
The cost of problematic, for any reasons, loading/uploading, towing or transport is discussed individually.

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