Журнал Finished Vehicle Logistics, выпуск октябрь-декабрь 2009

Automotive Logistics Russia Conference

There were hopeful signs at the conference that OEMs and LSPs were working together. An anonymous survey at the conference revealed that 57% of carmakers believe LSPs were responding adequately to the crisis in terms of pricing and service. On the flipside, however, nearly 82% of LSPs felt that their OEMS customers were not doing enough to help them.

An example of an LSP that felt otherwise, however, was the CEO of Major Auto Trans, Alexander Zhuravlev. While Zhuravlev noted the extreme pressure that LSPs were under, particularly as customers ask for cost reduction, he said companies could survive with closer cooperation between customers and suppliers.

“LSPs have to find a solution on how to reduce costs and save the quality of services at the same time as being competitive on the market,” he said. As well as improving processes, from re-structuring leasing and credits, to reducing administrative, overhead and insurance costs, Zhuravlev stressed cooperative activities, from quality management, new logistics processes and shared IT systems with customers. Such cooperation had already helped Major Auto Trans to continue investment.

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